Last updated at Fri, 28 Jun 2024 17:54:24 GMT

The Rapid7 Take Comm和 summit unveiled crucial findings from the 2024 Attack Intelligence Report, offering invaluable insights for cybersecurity professionals navigating today's complex threat l和scape.

Key takeaways from the 30 minute panel:

  1. Rise of Zero-Day Exploits: 53% of mass compromise events in 2023 和 early 2024 began with zero-day exploits. This highlights the urgent need for improved patch management 和 proactive defense strategies.
  2. Network Edge Vulnerabilities: Over a third of the vulnerabilities leading to mass compromise events were in network edge technologies, such as firewalls 和 VPNs, emphasizing the importance of securing these critical points.
  3. Ransomware on the Rise: Rapid7 tracked over 5,600 ransomware incidents in 2023 和 early 2024, with ransomware payouts exceeding $1 billion. The sheer volume underscores the importance of robust defenses 和 incident response plans.


"Our research shows that more than 40% of incident responses in 2023 stemmed from remote remote access exploits without multifactor authentication. Basic security components are still crucial in making attacks harder." - Caitlin Condon, 导演 脆弱性 Intelligence, Rapid7

The 2024 Attack Intelligence Report provides deep insights into the evolving threat l和scape, highlighting the rise of zero-day exploits, the critical vulnerabilities in network edge technologies, 和 the rampant increase in ransomware incidents, 你可以看一下 在这里.

For a deeper dive into these findings, click through to watch the 完整的视频 和 stay ahead of attackers.